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Causes and Effects of Dental Spacing

The causes of dental spacing are many. It commonly occurs during milk teeth or primary teeth period which corrects itself mostly after they fall. The most important among all the causes is the mismatch between the size of the jaw bones and the size of the teeth. Should the size of the jaw bone is more, then it leaves a gap. This gap forms mostly between the 2 upper front teeth. But there are many other causes also that contributes to the forming of Dental Spacing.

The Other Causes

  1. Childhood habit like thumb sucking pushes the front teeth forward and this process can cause gaps between the two upper front teeth.
  2. Some people tend to thrust their tongue on the back of the upper front teeth while they swallow their food after chewing. This regular thrust can push the two upper front teeth gradually forward which can cause space between them.
  3. There is a small growth of a muscle in between the inner lips and the upper front gum-line. This acts like a partition and is termed as labial frenum. This labial frenum in some people extends downwards only to create a space between the two upper front teeth. Not to say of the fact that this gives a very unaesthetic look.
  4. Gum diseases can also cause dental spacing. Extensive gum disease can cause the bone inside the jaw to recede. The recession of bone makes the corresponding teeth loose and this can cause dental spacing.
  5. Spacing can also be caused if the missing teeth either because of any trauma or dental extraction is not replaced.

The Effects

  1. The most important effect dental spacing can bring is the effect it has on bite. Generally the spacing also means the upper front teeth is not going to fit to the lower front teeth. This improper fitting can result in bite issues and can impact chewing of food.
  2. An improper bite over a period of time, if severe, can also lead to jaw joint issues.
  3. But more number of people view this as being unaesthetic and the impact it has on their personality. Most nowadays are conscious on how they look while they smile and hence dental spacing can bring down their confidence.

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