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Are Overall Health and Gum Diseases Related?

A resounding “Yes” is the answer. Gum diseases definitely affect the overall health of an individual. The reverse can also be true. Some health issues can also be responsible for gum diseases. So in effect they both are interconnected and intertwined. Dr. Sravanthi of Expert Dental Care, a leading Dentist in Chennai summarized how in her experience she has first hand seen the relation between the two. Here are her summary opinions.

Gum Diseases Causing Other Health Related Issues

(1)    Many researches have pointed to the fact that heart disease and bad oral health are interrelated. One research talks about how the bad bacteria that has proliferated in the mouth pass inside our body and cause such diseases. The researches pinpoints the fact that these bad bacteria manage to escape into the blood stream and reach the heart to cause such ailments.

(2)    The bad bacteria that escapes through the blood stream may also play a role in bringing stroke.

(3)    It has been found that in the event you are diabetic and have gum related diseases, it may be difficult for the blood sugar to come under control.

Other Health Issues Aggravating Gum Diseases

(1)    Researches have found that Gum diseases can trigger diabetes early.

(2)    Osteoporosis can lead to bone loss in jaw. This bone loss has a trickle down effect of affecting the overall health of the gum. An unstable gum affects the health of the teeth.

In Dr. Sravanthi’s opinion, not only one needs to clean the teeth and gum by regular brushing and flossing, they also need to visit a dentist at least every 6 months. At Expert Dental Care, Dr. Sravanthi maintains perfect record of dental patients with other health issues. For such patients, she recommends a schedule keeping in mind their special health conditions.

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