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Reasons Why Food Impacts the Health of your Teeth

Perhaps it would come as a surprise that if our diet was healthy the two most important dental issues that affect millions of people would be reduced. They are tooth decay (dental caries) and gum diseases (periodontitis). Here are some of the excerpts  from Dr. Sravanthi of Expert Dental Care on how food impacts the oral health.

Foods that have negative impact on health of the teeth

(1)    The excessive sugar consumed in our food is the number one reason for dental caries as the bacteria present in the mouth relish sugar and produce acid as a result. The bacterial exudates so produced affects the tooth enamel and can lead to dental caries or tooth decay.

(2)    Though products like milk, most food, all contain some form of sugar or the other, it is the “added sugar” that causes most of the damage.

(3)    Generally sticky food like candies, gels, marshmellows, chocolates etc, stick to the teeth crevices and are a major cause of dental caries.

Foods that have moderate negative impact on health of the teeth

(1)    Beverages that stain the teeth like coffee and wine have to be consumed in moderation.

(2)    Foods that are rich in acid like citrus fruits, pickles, etc., are recommended to be consumed in one sitting.

Foods that have positive impact on health of the teeth

(1)    Food rich in calcium like milk, cheese, yogurt, etc should be a prominent feature in your diet. They help in remineralization of the teeth, a process which is absolutely essential to safeguard the teeth when acid attacks on the teeth happen on a regular basis.

(2)    Food rich in Vitamin-D is also essential because Vitamin-D aids in the absorption of calcium by the body. So include fish, cheese and egg that are rich in vitamin D in your diet.

(3)    Food high in fiber content like greens, broccoli, cauliflower and other leafy vegetables. Apart from high fiber, they are also high in phosphorous and other minerals that aid in protecting the tooth enamel.

As a general thumb rule, Dr. Sravanthi recommends to brush and floss the teeth after consuming any food. Most importantly after consuming sticky foods and food high in added sugar, definitely take steps to clean your oral region.

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