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Dental Care for Children

Dental care begins from the womb. The fetus’s teeth forms during the mother’s pregnancy and during birth there are almost 20 teeth developed in the jaw. Right from then, the dental care begins and there is absolutely no necessity to wait until the teeth becomes visible. The underpinning dental care is always ingrained with the mother; she needs to be careful to take enough amounts of fibers, vitamins and minerals in her food.

How to care for the infant’s gums?

Earlier than the baby’s primary tooth shoots up; it’s a valuable idea to get into the routine habit of wiping his gums with soft wet cloth wrapped around your index finger. Despite the fact that bacteria can not cause detriment to the gums beforehand, It is advisable to start early than waiting to care for the teeth by directly brushing.

Pediatric Dental Treatment

How to brush the baby’s teeth?

The first tooth arises when the infant is around four months, and since then it is good to start brushing. Always use a baby’s tooth brush and make the baby sit comfortably on a table while brushing the teeth. Besides, do not be in a hurry while brushing; be gentle and soft with the baby.

Tips to brush your child’s teeth

  • Brush in a circular motion; avoid up and down or straight wave motion.
  • Side-to-side scouring motion will damage teeth and gums.
  • Urge to spit out the paste and not to swallow.
  • Avoid using a toothbrush for more than 3 months.
  • Visit a dentist to get more professional advice regarding pediatric dental hygiene.

Why schedule a dental treatment with Expert Dental?

The dentists at Expert Dental will give expert advice on how to take care of your child’s teeth at home. It includes the tip to healthy diet, steps to floss and brush the teeth and to schedule a regular visit based on the child’s oral health.

When should a mother visit a pediatric dentist?

The right time to fix an appointment with a pediatric dentist is when the infant is around 2 ½ years for general advice and obtain assistance for the child’s dental care. It is good to know the basics of what to provide, how to take care of teeth and gums and when to visit the dentist again. It is also important to make the child feel free and relaxed at the dentist’s chair during every visit, as it is going to become a routine call.

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