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Future Brushes may Clean your Teeth in 6 Seconds

As the world churns with new inventions and interesting gadgets, the manufacturer Blizzident has come up with an innovative and inspiring way to keep an important part of your body clean, hygienic and healthy. Created by a team of dentists, this new and breathtaking invention promises to clean teeth in a thorough manner in less than six seconds! As a wonder brush, it does come with a hefty price but does the job with diligence and precision. Blizzident offers their magic toothbrush which can be customized for each individual besides having the benefit of eliminating the task of a tedious daily job.

blizzidentWith its advent from the miswak stick which grows on a Salvadora persica tree or the tooth-cleaning twig, the familiar toothbrush has long since been a subject of reinvention by inventors, researchers and manufacturing companies. As a singular invention, this new brush by Blizzident has been created with precision 3D printers which are also used for fitting braces. Customized for each person, this brush has over 400 bristles which are soft and the wearers have to grind their teeth in order to have them cleaned.

As Prof Damien Walmsley British Dental Association says, “It’s not what you use, it’s how you brush”, this brush has been designed to eliminate brushing errors with its ability to clean interdental regions and difficult-to-reach areas of the teeth. This new 3D-printed toothbrush has 600 bristles and resembles a mouth guard. With the teeth being cleaned simultaneously, all the wearer or user has to do is to bite into the mouth guard which is a replicated version of your mouth and grind the teeth to produce a clean and shining effect.
Yes, it’s well worth it and pleasing to have an intriguing gadget which does a tedious job even though the price is high. Being a quality product, this new toothbrush costs $300 which can be translated into 299 Euros or £250 without inclusion of the dentist’s charges. Lasting for a complete year, the brush can be replaced for $159 by Blizzident who also change or replace and disinfect the bristles for just $89.

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