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Myths and Facts About Wisdom Teeth



There are many myths associated with wisdom teeth. The study and advancement in the field of dentistry has completely blown certain myths. Still some persists. Here is a list of myths associated with wisdom teeth and the actual fact against it.

Myth 1 – Only wise people have wisdom teeth

Fact – This has no base at all. It is estimated that majority of the population develop wisdom teeth. Among them, a few do not have the wisdom teeth erupt at all. For few, they might erupt but might erupt partially. For another set of people, they might cause impaction while erupting and may cause disturbance to the second molars. So the notion that only wise people get wisdom teeth has no logic whatsoever.

Myth 2 –  All people who have wisdom teeth have to have them extracted.

Fact – Not essentially. For some the fully erupted wisdom tooth may not cause any problem or impaction at all. In such a scenario, there is no need to remove the wisdom teeth. They can happily coexist along with the other teeth. Only when they are partially erupted or totally not erupting from inside, the extraction of wisdom tooth becomes mandatory.

Myth 3 – Presence of wisdom teeth can cause Crowding

Fact – Not entirely true. Some people who have wisdom teeth do not have crowding issue. It simply means that their jaw has space to accommodate the wisdom teeth too. However there are many who experience crowding due to the presence of wisdom teeth and for them the wisdom teeth extraction can be done to avoid crowding.

Myth 4 – X-rays and other latest imageries can give an idea how the wisdom teeth will erupt in the future.

Fact – This is by and large false. It cannot be predicted with any imageries on how the wisdom teeth will erupt in the future. Before the tooth bud is formed at age 12 or below,  no X-rays or any imageries can tell how the wisdom teeth will form. But after the wisdom teeth bud are formed, they can be viewed by X-ray and other imageries and can be ascertained by the dentist if they will impact.

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