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Smile Designing – What is behind a nice smile



You will be pretty amazed to learn that Charles Darwin, the proponent of evolution theory was the first to examine the science behind a smile. He concluded that smiling is different from laughter because the later is the expression of amusement while the former is the manifestation of happiness. A nice teeth-line helps in a better smile. How is that?

Mild Smile and Perfect Smile

Mild smiles are those smiles where the teethline are not visible and the lips just expand left to right, often in closed positions, to produce a smile. Most mild smiles are spontaneously produced as a result of a situation which may even be because of uneasiness and discomfort that cannot be expressed.

Perfect smile is where the teethline is completely exposed and the emotion of happiness finds full expression.

Importance of Teeth in a Smile

So a perfect and a complete smile is achieved only when the teeth is fully visible and exposed. People with imperfect teeth, missing tooth, large gums (called gummy smile), bigger front teeth, midline gap, large gaps between other teeth, cleft lip, discolored teeth, dark gums are unable to express themselves with perfect smile because they have a complex that they look unpresentable and in extreme cases ugly when they expose the teeth or gums while smiling.

As a summary, factors like tooth color, gum exposure and its color, length of the teeth and the straightness of the teeth, all need to be perfect for a nice smile.

What are the people who are not smiling enough losing out?

  • The first and foremost loss is the loss of happiness. Being conscious of how one would appear if they smile freely is psychologically not good. In other words such people are less happier.
  • The less happier souls have reduced confidence levels.

What can a good smile do to you?

  • A good smile can make you break free from the unhappiness that surrounds you and make you more confident.
  • People who have nice smile are more confident and hence they go on to be winners in their fields.
  • A perfect smile is very attractive and can make you look younger.
  • Smiling can induce positive mood and is a known mood booster.
  • Many researches point to the fact that people who profusely smile live longer.

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