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Taking care of your gums



A vast majority of us think that cleaning or brushing the gum is not essential. We think brushes are only for teeth and not for the gums. Even among people who are aware, many actually unconsciously miss out cleaning the gums. Is taking care of our gums an absolute necessity? Let us find out.

Significance of Brushing

Brushing has to be only on tooth brush that have soft bristles. Brushes with soft bristles are gentle on both the enamel layer of the teeth and also on the gums. A proper brushing technique invlolves brushing from the upper extreme of the gum and brushing it down on the upper teeth-line. Similarly brushing from lower extreme of the gum and brushing in upward motion for the lower teeth-line. If we observe carefully both the motion support pushing away the food particles from the crevices between the teeth.

Not brushing with proper techniques can lead to food particles getting stuck in between the gum and the teeth. Gums also develop plaque films as a result and hence properly brushing the gums is also a requisite.

Significance of Flossing

The food particles that are stuck in the gap betweem the teeth are riskier and have more potential to damage the teeth and the gums consequently. The stuck food particles aid in the multiplication of bacteria which can lead to plaque, a thin bacterial film. They usually travel up and begin to affect the gums too. This can cause inflammation of the gum which can lead to gingivitis, a gum disease. If care is not taken at this stage, it can lead to periodontitis which is a severe form of gum disease where the gum deteriorates and gets pulled away from the teeth, and begins to recedes. The jaw bones inside also begins to erode leading to mobility of the teeth.

Significance of Dental Visit

Though we are brushing, flossing, and swishing our mouth with recommended mouth wash, it is still a highly recommended practice to visit a dentist once in six months.

Conclusion – Dr. Sravanthi, a leading dentist who has dental clinics in Porur and Kilpauk recommends massaging the gums gently at least once a day to have stronger gums apart from the daily oral hygiene practices.

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